Make Your Technical Documentation More Accessible

Web Accessibility is becoming more and more prominent in the digital realm – and that’s great news. Recognized standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) or the European Accessibility Act are pushing things in the right direction.

What about technical documentation? How can technical writers make documentation more inclusive?

A Translation Project Manager’s Quick Guide to Accessible Documents

Every year, digital content becomes vaster and more relevant, especially after a pandemic that forced users around the world to manage almost every aspect of life remotely. In this era, accessibility plays an important role, so all types of people can access that ever-increasing content. In this article, we explore three main things for translation project managers to take into consideration when working on accessibility compliance in translation projects.

Key Elements of Digital Learning: Creating Valuable Learning Experiences

Whether you’re an HR consultant working on a digital learning project or a freelancer looking to start an online education business, this article will help you understand the key elements to consider when developing your own digital learning program.

What is Knowledge Management, and How Does it Create Jobs for Technical Writers in IT?

Isis Arce-Melton provides an overview of knowledge management, the skills technical writers need to work within this field, and how they can find a job within an Information Technology (IT) company.

How to Get Started With Usability Testing—A Short Guide for Technical Communicators

As a technical communicator, it’s your job to provide end users with all the information they need to safely, efficiently, and effectively use a product. To achieve this, your technical documentation not only needs to be correct and complete but it also needs to offer good usability. Let us see how a good usability test can help you.

Focus on Improving your Globalization Process for User Experience

The launch of a business in today’s global economy requires the ability to adapt a company’s strategy to be locale and culture aware. This strategy has to focus on the GILT (Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation) process in order to successfully reach a global audience. A global vision and strategy is therefore essential to succeed in modern markets shaped by the technological progress brought about by the digital revolution, and to be successful in present-day increasingly challenging economical and political frameworks.

The Importance of Machine Translation Post-Editing and Its Application to Translation

Machine translation post-editing is the process of improving a machine-generated translation with minimal manual labour. It is a new skill which many translators are not familiar with. However, with a bit of practice, it can speed up the process dramatically.

Customer-friendly Technical Information : The Five Keys

Nowadays, your customers are looking for information that is easily accessible online in many formats. Moreover, the technical information of a product not only helps to sell it, but also to build a community around it that perceives it positively. That way, your product will gain value and improve your reputation, leading to a healthy business model.