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Although TCLoc is a distance-learning program, we provide our students with several opportunities to meet in person during the academic year. In addition to the events we organize, the TCLoc master’s students also have access to our partner’s events, such as the GALA and tekom conferences.

Symposium on Usability and Design

The Symposium meetings are conducted in collaboration with international universities and feature numerous speakers eager to share their experiences and knowledge in areas related to our program.

During each Symposium, students have the opportunity to engage with researchers, discuss the current state of research in these areas, present the results of recent (i.e., within the last year) research, collect comments and suggestions on ongoing or future research projects, and explore opportunities for research partnerships with colleagues working in these fields.

Through the Symposium, attendees can devise new frameworks and approaches to rethink and address current and prospective challenges.

Registration for our Symposiums is free but limited to a total of 90 attendees. To register, please email the following information to The registrant’s name, institutional affiliation, and email address. Please include “Strasbourg Registration” in the email’s subject line. Individuals should receive registration confirmation within 48 hours of submitting this information.

Next session: 12-13 April 2024
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TCLoc On-Campus Meetings

Twice a year, in April and November, students are invited to participate in on-campus meetings at the University of Strasbourg

For 3-5 days, the TCLoc students get to meet with instructors and classmates while attending seminars and workshops. They work on group projects, share meals, and exchange stories about their backgrounds and experiences. Not only is it motivating, but it also allows the students to connect to the TCLoc community.  They are also welcome to give feedback about the program and play an active role in their education.

During the on-campus meeting in November, TCLoc students also have the opportunity to attend the tcworld conference organized by the tekom association. It is an exciting event where students can learn more about the ever-evolving world of technical communication and localization in addition to meeting professionals and businesses from all over the world. The tcworld conference takes place in Stuttgart, Germany, less than two hours from Strasbourg.

Although the on-campus meetings are not mandatory, we strongly recommend that students make the most of TCLoc’s resources and join their fellow students in attending these meetings.

“Meeting the class and the instructors in person in Strasbourg was a great experience! Besides, I really appreciated the ongoing support we received from Renate and Valérie”



“Meeting the class and the instructors in person in Strasbourg was a great experience! Besides, I really appreciated the ongoing support we received from Renate and Valérie”


TCLoc Graduation Ceremony

graduation ceremony

Each year in November, the TCLoc graduation ceremony is an eagerly awaited event. It is an opportunity for students to gather together, receive their diplomas, and celebrate their great achievement. 

The ceremony takes place in the historical Palais Universitaire in Strasbourg. This elegant venue reunites TCLoc graduates, their friends and family, and TCLoc instructors. Of course, the TCLoc Team is also present to organize the event, congratulate the students, and welcome their guests. After the ceremony, guests are invited to enjoy a buffet and, of course, a glass of French wine.

Like the on-campus meetings, attendance at the graduation ceremony is not mandatory. However, we encourage you not to miss out on this wonderful time of celebration!

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