TCLoc Admissions

Is TCLoc for me?

  • TCLoc is aimed at professionals already working in the fields of translation, localization, technical writing, multimedia, IT, or languages.


  • TCLoc is also for students with academic backgrounds in language related fields who want to pursue a career in technical communication and localization.

What can I expect as a TCLoc student?

  • TCLoc offers distance-learning courses on the Moodle Learning Platform designed by world-class instructors, all of which are experts in their field. 

  • The program schedule is flexible and designed for part-time study. The weekly workload is estimated at about 20 hours.


Admissions TCLoc Master's

Got questions?

What skills do I need to have to be successful in this program?

  • A high level of fluency in English,
  • Good computer literacy skills,
  • A keen interest in the program contents, and
  • A strong work ethic.

How can I make sure I am accepted? 

Selection is based on academic and professional merit, as well as motivation and potential for growth in the TCLoc areas of study.

Candidates can qualify for admission if they have:

  • A degree equivalent to four years of higher education (corresponding to 240 ECTS in the European system), or
  • A validation of knowledge acquired through experience (VAPP, detailed below)

As previously mentioned, candidates should be highly fluent in English. This will be evaluated during the application process. Please note that no prior language certification is required, however candidates who do have such accreditation, should include it in their application file.

I’ve been a language professional for X years. What if I don’t have the required degrees to apply?

Students lacking the number of credits or the degree required for registration in the second year of a master’s degree can apply for VAPP (Validation des Acquis Professionnels et Personnels – Decree No. 2013-756 of 19 August 2013).  

VAPP – what is it ?

VAPP is a very special kind of application. It aims to give professionals and students without the required amount of university accreditation the chance to enroll within a university program. In order to acquire VAPP, each applicant’s profile is closely studied by a panel of administrators who will award university credits for professional work carried out in the field, or previously acquired educational experience.

Who might be concerned by VAPP?

  1. If you have studied at university, but have not acquired sufficient university accreditation
  2. If you have interrupted your studies for a period of more than a year and wish to resume them
  3. If you have professional or educational experience (such as online courses) which you feel could entitle you to enroll into the program according to an authorized academic jury.

Your professional and educational experience should relate to the courses and experience provided by the TCLoc program.

How much does TCLoc cost?

  • First-time applicants: € 5660
  • Re-registration: € 500 for the first module and € 300 for subsequent modules
  • Applicants with a tekom Technical Communicator (tekom Europe), or Technischer Redakteur (tekom Deutschland), certification: € 4 070
  • Company financing: company financing fees are to be made in single payments.


What’s included?

The following services are all included in the proposed tuition fees:

  • Registration,
  • Teaching materials,
  • Software licenses (Windows only)
  • Online and on-campus seminars,
  • Exams,
  • Printing of degree certificates, and
  • Degree certification.

Mac users note: Virtual machines or parallel desktop applications are not included.