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TCLoc admissions are open throughout the year and applications are accepted on a rolling basis with no deadline. However, there is limited space for each intake so don’t wait to apply! Admission to the TCLoc master’s program requires 3 simple steps. We’ll walk you through them below.

Step 1: Application

You can send your application to the TCLoc Team at any time via the online application form.

Note: If you do not have an academic degree equivalent to at least 4 years of higher education (corresponding to 240 ECTS credits)  and you would like to qualify for enrollment using your professional experience, please mention in your cover letter that you would like to apply for VAPP (Validation of Acquired Professional and Personal Experience). This step involves completing a separate form and providing supporting documentation.
Find out more about the application requirements and VAPP.

Step 2: Admission

Once submitted, your application file will be reviewed by an academic jury. If your application is shortlisted, you will then be invited to a video interview with Renate de la Paix, TCLoc’s program director.

The interview usually takes place within a few weeks after you have submitted your application.

After the interview, you will be notified by email if you are eligible for enrollment.

Step 3: Enrollment

Once admitted, we will guide you through the enrollment process with the Continuing Education Department (Service Formation Continue) of the University of Strasbourg.

First, you will receive an enrollment request form that you must fill out and send back to the Continuing Education Department.
They will then send you a registration form and a training contract. Both documents must be signed and sent back to the Continuing Education Department. Next, you’ll receive your enrollment certificate and your student card. After that, you’ll officially be a member of the TCLoc community!

Questions? We’ll reply to your message within a few business days.