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Our Partners

As networking and collaboration are essential to maintaining a high-quality and enriching program, the TCLoc master’s degree seeks to establish partnerships with companies and organizations in the technical communication field that have similar values and goals. Our partners are very important because they provide valuable support and resources to program. During the academic year, several professionals from partner companies give courses on their tools and specializations that are relevant to the TCLoc master’s degree and also provide sound advice to our students. We are proud to present the partners of the TCLoc master’s program. 

With more than 30 years of experience, Alpha is a major company in the fields of translation and localization on a global scale. It is also one of the few to provide an in-house model. Their vision is primarily to extend their services to the largest number of languages and cultures all around the world. Using expert translators and cutting-edge technology allows them to deliver the best quality in terms of translation and localization. One member of their team teaches the Introduction to Machine Translation course in the TCLoc master’s program.

CLIP is an international organization that certifies translators. This certification guarantees high-quality, professional translation work. Their goal is to provide security, value, and recognition to the translation industry. Obtaining this certification is, therefore, a great opportunity for TCLoc students to be seen as reliable and reputable translators.

Congree Language Technologies GmbH develops software in the fields of content optimization and technical writing. Their goal is to improve the quality of technical documents by using specific terminology and style guides. The TCLoc master’s program provides an introduction to their software.

TCLoc is a member of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). GALA is made up of translation and localization companies from all around the globe. Their goal is to help their members succeed and to develop the translation industry by sharing knowledge and building communities. GALA’s conference is one of the most important events in the translation and localization industry. It takes place every year in order to share the latest innovations and to welcome new members. TCLoc and CAWEB students are always invited to participate in this amazing opportunity. Some of them have even won GALA’s Rising Star Scholarship contest.

The European Association for Technical Communication (tekom) is one of the largest global associations in the field of technical communication. Since 2013, tekom Europe has provided networking opportunities for more than 9,500 professionals in technical communication and related fields. Their main goal is to support significant EU objectives, such as the training of young people as well as improving their mobility and employability. The tcworld conference is a way for the association to achieve this goal every year, and TCLoc students are always invited to join them on this adventure.

In 20 years, Google has become one of the most popular search engines that exists today. Its influence and technological advancements are recognized worldwide. The TCLoc master’s program incorporates the Localization Essentials course, designed and provided by Google, as one of its prerequisites. is an online platform that provides machine translation services to its clients. It’s customizable and helps increase the productivity of young translators. The Academic Partner Programme provides students with the expertise and knowledge they need to build a career in the translation industry

Firehead is a diversely specialized European recruitment consultancy for digital communicators and has been a partner of TCLoc since the beginning.

Firehead also provides a variety of other services, such as online training in specialized areas.

MCIS Language Solutions is a widely known, non-profit social enterprise in the fields of translation, interpretation, and localization. They have fought to remove language barriers for more than 30 years. They provide many language services such as translation, localization, and interpretation in over 300 languages. They give back a portion of their income every year by helping the homeless and victims of violence. Their core values include respect, quality, and collaboration.

Semrush is an SEO web tool for competitive analysis. Semrush aggregates and collects large volumes of data from different search engines and social networks. An introduction to Semrush tools is part of TCLoc’s course on content marketing.
With a variety of features and content creation support tools, Semrush has many advantages when it comes to designing and developing a content marketing strategy.

Quai n°10 is an associative project that supports freelancers and independent workers in the fields of web technologies and digital communication. They provide working spaces and meeting rooms to professionals not only for work purposes but also as a way for members of the community to come and exchange views about their current projects. One of their members, Mark Nightingale, is an instructor for TCLoc.

memoQ is a computer-assisted translation (CAT) software program developed by Kilgray. The company uses a bottom-up approach to design software that translators and localizers need in order to thrive in their careers. They also provide free student licenses every year for TCLoc’s CAT Tools course, which is taught by certified professionals. TCLoc students gain valuable, hands-on experience with memoQ in the course of the program.

SDL is the world leader and pioneer in language and content management solutions. SDL publishes two software programs, Trados and Passolo, which are used particularly in the technical translation industry. TCLoc students are provided with licenses for their course on CAT Tools and have free access to SDL certification.

XTM International develops and sells XTM, a web-based translation management system (TMS) with an integrated CAT tool. Their mission is to help enterprises reach global markets more efficiently by creating, delivering, and supporting an intuitive, industry-leading platform to automate and manage all aspects of the localization process. Alexandros Zekakis, a member of the XTM team, teaches one of TCLoc’s localization courses.

JPDocu School of Technical Writing is a training company that is passionate about user assistance, technical communications, and positive user experiences. Their focus is on e-learning standalone courses development and distribution and online instructor-led training courses. One of their team members, Jordan Stanchev, teaches Introduction to Instructional Videos in the TCLoc Master’s program.

MadCap Software is a leading American software company that creates single-source, multi-channel authoring and publishing solutions for technical writers and translators. Thanks to our new partnership, MadCap Software offers licenses and training for MadCap Flare, MadCap Lingo, and MadCap Capture to TCLoc students during their studies. From authoring, publishing and translation, to cloud-based project and content management, to contribution and review in the cloud, our students can learn how to streamline content delivery and manage the entire content development lifecycle with MadCap Software.