online education
online education

As localization continues to grow as both an academic and professional discipline, more and more avenues for learning it continue to pop up. Traditional educational environments continue to offer many options for students, but as time goes on, would-be learners are finding online education to be an increasingly strong option. There are several free online courses available. An online master’s program like TCloc is just one example of the different options available.

Online Education: Different Options for Different People

Those interested in studying localization online have many options, and there is no guaranteed best fit for a starting point. Different factors including work schedule, available time, finances, career goals, native language, and location can all affect how good of a fit a program may be for someone. For those looking for an ideal environment, the best starting point is to research the available options. The good news, however, is that there are so many options that many different types of would-be students will be able to find a good fit.

Free Online Courses in Localization

For new learners, or those with only a passing interest in the field, a free online course in localization, such as the one offered by Udacity can serve as an excellent entry point. The program, entitled “Localization Essentials” is a self-paced course that requires only for users to sign up and then begin studying on their own. The course is taught by experts at Google and deals with topics such as industry roles, workflows, and popular industry tools, giving learners the opportunity to obtain a strong survey in industry topics and jump off into more in-depth areas of the field.

Professional Training Related to Localization

Another possibility for working professionals looking to learn about localization is to study it in relation to specific business fields. Boulder SEO Marketing is an example of an online training course that teaches topics related to localization in the context of search engine optimization. By diving into concepts like international search engine optimization, students can learn tips for internationalizing websites and giving global reach to online content. Particularly for those in the fields of marketing or online content, this is a great first look into the realm of localization. While not free, this course and many similar to it have free trials available.

Online Master’s Programs in Localization

For those looking for an in-depth long-term commitment, a University program such as the TCLoc Master’s may be a challenge worth undertaking. The program spans over a year and involves many styles of learning, including self-paced study, live online meetings, and in-person sessions in France. Over the course of the Master’s program, students cover topics as diverse as CAT tools, technical writing, and web languages. Those interested in the TCLoc online master’s program should head over to our admissions page for information on requirements and the application process. With all the different possibilities out there on the market, there has never been a better time to start your online education!


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