Someone who uses Linkedin to find a new job
Someone who uses Linkedin to find a new job

I am pretty sure you have already heard of LinkedIn, and there is a 99+% chance that you do have your own profile already too! But do you sincerely know how to make the best of? LinkedIn allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs, making it the right place to be! 

In 2016 LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft for approximately $26 billion. 

The following year, it reported more than 500 million members in about 200 countries. As of March 2023, LinkedIn has more than 900 million registered members from over 200 countries and territories…

What’s LinkedIn?

“LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking  website founded in 2002 and headquartered in Mountain View, California. Unlike other social networks such as Facebook and Myspace, which are often purely recreational, LinkedIn emphasizes a user’s professional connections” (Erik Gregersen LinkedIn | Overview, History, & Facts | Britannica).  

So, the best way to use it is as a professional page, a sort of online portfolio, a virtual and constantly on-the-go resume – your own resume that everybody can see without you even asking for it! 

It’s an app always bustling with activity, serving as an inspiring tool to help you reach your new aims and keep track of activity, hence potential success.  It’s a dedicated place where each user can build a strong professional network, and find a job more easily by setting alerts and possibly receiving a plethora of ads on a daily basis.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Usage?

Embarking on a new career path often means new opportunities, new methodologies, and talent challenges. You might feel it is the right time to freshen your LinkedIn profile and start using the site more wisely: you are right!

Another good idea is to rethink your professional headline, by clearly communicating your skills, certificates, experience, and job prospects.

Polishing your personal brand to attract team talent and showing your most positive aspects are definitely key points. Do not hesitate to add extra work samples alongside your resume. Friends or colleagues can also ascertain your professionalism and vice versa. LinkedIn is a professional social media platform.

You can very easily leverage your LinkedIn page by using the existing tools and also by paying attention to a few tips:

  1. Adapting your LinkedIn profile,
  2.  Letting people know your progress
  3. Showcassing your success (when you get an extra certificate for instance)
  4. Turning your professional and academic successes into celebrations
  5. Commenting, sharing, and showing interest!
  6. Utilising the ‘open to work’ banner!
  7. Expanding your network: Follow people, companies and symposiums relevant to your field. Now you have your own precious network.  

Then eventually when you feel ready, do apply as the app is abounding in job openings.  


You are ready to embark on a new professional step, so in the meantime, do consider the few advice above. Additionally, you can take advantage of LinkedIn courses. Get a free month to specialize in Excel, to learn how to negotiate you salary, to become a leader, etc. This is also a good way of unlocking Global Opportunities through International Networking.

New courses are added weekly, offering opportunities to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones! 

Start your journey towards success today!

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