Illustration of international organizations jobs
Illustration of international organizations jobs

International organizations are entities created by treaty, involving two or more countries, to work on issues of common interest. This includes areas such as peace and security, as well as economic and social questions. Contrary to large private companies whose objective is to make a profit, international organizations aim to achieve security, and economic and social welfare across the world. To achieve this, they communicate regularly about their events, missions, and field activities. International organizations can leverage localization to achieve their communication and outreach goals. The forecast for localization and related jobs shows a growing trend over the coming years, and international organizations are a niche to be explored. Here are a few steps to follow if you are interested in international organizations’ jobs related to localization.

Finding Your Ideal Localization Job in an International Organization: Job Search Strategies

As with any job search, finding a specific job in international organizations, especially those related to localization, requires a strategy:

  • Finding the right platform: to find this type of job, there are two ways; list all relevant organizations and look for jobs on the “Careers” page, or access websites that list the job opportunities of major international organizations. The second way is the most efficient as it allows you to save time in finding a specific job in several organizations.

Keywords and job description: after choosing the platform, the next step is to find a job related to localization. This can be done using the classic keyword method (i.e., in the search bar, enter a term like localization or localization officer using the square brackets). Although this approach yields results, it is necessary to combine it with another approach to have the best chance of finding the ideal job. The second approach involves using key terms other than “Localization” (e.g. “Communication officer”) and reviewing the “Functions/Key results expected” section of the job description. The latter may seem time-consuming, but combining the two approaches will increase your chances of finding the ideal job.

Top Skills Required for Localization Jobs in International Organizations

In addition to skills required for localization-related jobs, here are others that will make your application stand out:

  • SEO drafting skills
  • Knowledge of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Knowledge of content management systems (Drupal, etc.)
  • Project management skills
  • Knowledge of data analytic tools (Google Analytics, etc.)

Continuing Education and Professional Development for Localization Jobs in International Organizations

Continuing Education and Professional Development are key to career growth and advancement. In our context, this will consist in choosing one or more courses based on various criteria: time commitment, subjects of interest, and skills required by the organizations you are targeting. In addition to making your application stand out, this will allow you to meet the demands of a constantly changing labor market.If you would like to enhance your profile, get the right skills and get acquainted with the latest technologies to be ready for next localization jobs, enroll in training like this Master’s in Technical Communication and Localization and lead your professional journey to success!

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