virtual meeting
virtual meeting

TCLoc’s class of 2021 were able to get together virtually with our instructors for the on-campus meeting and spend three days collaborating with one another.

Despite being held online this year, the 35 students from our January 2021 intake and instructors were able to spend three days connecting with one another during our annual on-campus meeting. The event, which was held over the course of three days, included a variety of lectures and meet and greets offered by TCLoc instructors, tekom Europe, and TCLoc alumni.

The event was kicked off on April 15th by TCLoc’s Program Director, Dr. Renate De La Paix, Program Coordinator, Valérie Ledermann, and Communications Assistant, Molly Thornberg. This was then followed by Ken De Wachter’s lecture on Terminology Management for Translators. After lunch, students could attend a lecture on Terminology for Humans and Machines with François Massion and Introduction to Video Game Localization with instructor Maria Loureiro. Finally, TCLoc mentors Maryland Sara and Rita Pang held a meeting to discuss the importance of personal branding and social media activities for professional success.

On the second day, April 16th, students started with a meet and greet with TCLoc’s machine translation instructor, Guylaine Mylward. This was followed by a coffee break with visual communication instructor, Boris Epp. Students were then able to connect with Christine Keller and Monika Engelke from tekom Europe and learn about the numerous benefits of the free tekom membership that is available to TCLoc students during their studies. After lunch, Drew Eisenhauer introduced the students to the Academic Writing teaching unit. This was followed by Kirk St.Amant’s lecture on the Fundamentals of Usability and User Testing. The day concluded with student’s being able to ask any questions and exchange with our TCLoc mentors.

The event’s final day, April 17th, started with the student’s choice of either a lecture of Graphical User Interface Localization with Achim Herrmann or Mobile App Localization with Alexandros Zekakis. These two lectures were followed by instructor Pablo Ruiz Fabo’s Introduction to Language Technologies. The three-day meeting concluded with a meet and greet between TCLoc students and the CAWEB students who currently run the TCLoc website and social media accounts. Students learned how they can participate in creating content for the various TCLoc platforms.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in making this three-day event possible. Although TCLoc is a distance-learning program, we know how important it is to continually promote communication and connection between the entire TCLoc community. We hope that the next on-campus meeting in November will be just as great, and hopefully in person!

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