Study in France with the IIEF program
Study in France with the IIEF program

Alongside being one of the most affordable and effective programs out there, one of the main selling points of the TCLoc program is its online curriculum. Our distanced-learning style allows TCLoc to be accessible and convenient to anyone anywhere, whether or not you’re a parent with little free-time or even a professional elsewhere seeking to switch careers. Occasionally though, we do get the question, “What if I’m a TCLoc student who would like to study in France?” 

Since TCLoc is entirely online, our international students are not normally qualified for a student visa. However, if you’re set on an opportunity to study in France, worry not! UniStra’s IIEF program is your solution. 

What is IIEF? 

The Institut International d’Etudes Françaises (IIEF) is a French language program that students can take in person at the University of Strasbourg and pair with their TCLoc studies. Enrolling in this program will qualify you for a student visa, allowing you as an international student to live and study abroad in Strasbourg, France. To top it all off, IIEF’s curriculum is geared towards learners at all levels of French proficiency, with courses spanning all the way from the A1 to C2 levels.

Keep in mind that TCLoc is designed to accommodate students of all responsibilities. Individuals looking to pair IIEF to our curriculum should not worry about an overwhelming workload. These two programs are truly affordable, while offering students a pathway to study in France and develop themselves into technical communication professionals. 

Student Life in Strasbourg 

Truly, this opportunity is fantastic for students seeking adventure and new experiences. If you have the freedom, Strasbourg is definitely a city that you want to study abroad in, even if it is just for a year or two. 

I was recently sponsored to fly out to the University of Strasbourg to meet the TCLoc/CAWEB teams and see the university campus. Speaking from an American perspective, I will say that Strasbourg is one of the most spectacular destinations for a student. The campus is located in one of the most historical and beautiful areas in Europe, and the city is dense with bright, young people.

Joining IIEF 

Before you register for the IIEF, we recommend that you contact the French consular services in your country in order to find out the specific conditions for obtaining a visa. As long as there are no unique or unusual restrictions on your country of origin, you will be able to apply for a student visa to study in the IIEF, alongside TCLoc, in Strasbourg. 

For more information on their curriculum or registration requirements, please visit the IIEF’s website. Other specific inquiries about both IIEF and TCLoc can be sent and answered through the University of Strasbourg’s student contact form.

Final Thoughts 

Students, don’t miss out on your opportunity to pursue your career in one of Europe’s most breathtaking cities. Even if you are completely new to the French language, if you have the freedom in life or the drive to embark on an extraordinary adventure, pair IIEF to your TCLoc curriculum and study in France. When you see Strasbourg for the first time, you won’t regret it.

About the Author 

Cameron Van is a Professional Aviation student at Louisiana Tech University. His love for writing and foreign cultures brought him into the TCLoc program as an intern in February 2022.


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