A human wearing immersive glasses to test VR videos
A human wearing immersive glasses to test VR videos

Marketing trends are rapidly evolving, and every business needs to keep up with new technologies if they want to strengthen branding. Time has run out for printed advertisement, traditional TV advertising, shop signage, radio messaging or internet banners. 360-degree and VR video are actually the new strategies in communication providing an immersive insight into many services and boosting traffic on Websites.

Why 360-Degree and VR Improve User Experience?

360-degree and VR video redefine the way people live an exciting experience and bring more reality into the digital world. As a user, you no longer view something from the outside but play the main role of the story. In fact, you explore more resources and have access to infinite information. The immersion is real and unlimited opportunities enhance your awareness.

Moreover, these unique functionalities give you control, increase your engagement and lead to higher conversion. You are freed from all intrusive advertising or presumptuous posts and can now enjoy authentic, real and more accessible marketing content that suits you. It deals with capturing an experience in thousands of pictures in one video for millions of users like you, showing everything that happens. The brand is finally building a deeper connection with the viewer.

Travel for Free with 360-Degree and VR Video

360-degree and VR video already have a great influence in travel videos, product insight, music promos, documentaries, property walkthroughs, fashion shows and virtual training. Gaming, sports and entertainment also have a significant impact within the industry. As a sports fan, you can for instance rewatch great sports moments in up-close 360 and if you love to travel, you have the possibility to go underwater with National Geographic 360-degree and VR videos. This new technology is changing how people buy and use the products or services they love. As a matter of fact, Business Wire reports that VR is predicted to worth 34 billion by 2023 and grow at a compound annual growth rate of 33,94%.

360-degree and VR: the Video Revolution

Digital Marketing Experts want to be seen as an innovative industry leader and attract attention on social media. 360-degree and VR help them to create buzz and share-worthiness on the Web. A Google advertising campaign has revealed that 360-degree videos make more views than a standard video version. Indeed, the interaction with the viewer is different, more efficient and costs less. For information, more and more devices and platforms are actually equipped with this technology such as Facebook and YouTube.

Today, 360-degree and VR video are highly influencing the way business operates and emerging consumer needs lead to new creation efforts. When brands work hard in marketing with new technologies to make life easier for the users, the project will always be part of the future progresses.

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