AI Writing Tools for Technical Writers
AI Writing Tools for Technical Writers

Like in the famous theme, Video Killed the Radio Star; we face an era of technological change: the burst of AI tools. They can automatically generate digital assets, including images, videos, social media content, chat responses, and more. The speed and cost-effectiveness of AI tools have led many to speculate which jobs or professions are at risk with the rise of AI.

Despite everything, AI is an excellent ally for many disciplines, including technical communication. This article will analyze the benefits of using AI tools for technical writing and how they can assist in producing high-quality technical documents.

What Are AI Tools and How Can They Help a Technical Writer?

AI tools are software applications or platforms that utilize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze massive amounts of data, streamline processes, and create miscellaneous content while reducing costs. All sectors have quickly embraced AI tools to make their procedures more efficient. Ai-assisted writing can help technical communicators create content faster and more accurately and might be used for:

  • Summarize long documents
  • Outline complex topics
  • Correct spelling and grammar errors
  • Suggest sentence structure improvements and word choice
  • Analyze content for readability and clarity
  • Check the overall tone and style
  • Generate images or graphs based on document content
  • Formatting documents

Typical Use Cases for AI-Assisted Technical Writing

Creating content for user manuals and other technical documents is the most common use case that can benefit from AI-assisted tools. Other use cases would be document management and improving the documentation review process by correcting spelling and grammar errors or enriching documents by checking for readability and clarity. Furthermore, AI tools can also supply helpful insights into customer behavior by tracking usage habits and preferences.

What Are the Best AI-Assisted Writing Tools for Technical Writers?

Selecting the most suitable tool can be daunting due to the vast array of options available. The key features, pros, and cons are vital when evaluating the perfect solution. We can organize AI tools into the following categories:

General writing

These AI writing assistants can generate content for any subject matter.

Jasper is a top-notch AI writing tool for experienced users.

Sudowrite is a user-friendly writing assistant for creative writing.

Rytr is an outstanding writing assistant for beginners.

Chibi Ai is a professional-oriented writing assistant.

SEO writing

These AI tools specialize in generating SEO-affordable content.

Surfer is the most relevant tool for creating SEO-optimized content.

GrowthBar has many SEO options, like keyword research, ranking tracking, or site performance.

Outranking is a platform that helps with content strategy from start to finish.


These AI tools will help with automatic content generation, taking into account the context and the format required for the target audience.

CopyAI is the most prevalent tool for copywriters, with thousands of templates and a document editor.

Neural text is a free tool for copywriters. It includes writing assistance and SEO tools.

Peppertype has an intuitive interface for generating content choosing and style, a topic, and a subject matter.

Article generation

These writing assistants will write articles for blogs, websites, e-commerce, and more.

ArticleForge can write articles for a specific subject or keyword.

HypotenuseAI is a writing AI tool focused on e-commerce.

Grammar checking

With the improvement of AI technology, these tools can detect now advanced grammatical mistakes, correct writing mistakes and improve writing quality.

Grammarly is the market’s leading wiring assistant. It has included several AI features.

PRoWritingAid is just behind Grammarly in popularity. It is nowadays the writing assistant with the most features and specializes in catching grammatical errors.

Linguix is a grammar checker to boost writing skills and avoid repeating errors.


AI is not the technology monster that will take over the field of technical writing. While it is uncertain how AI will impact the future of technical communication, AI is as revolutionary as mobile phones and the internet.

AI tools can assist a technical writer in speeding up procedures, working faster, and using time more wisely: they are a priceless extra for the writing process. Conversely, they can not replicate human writers’ creativity, intuition, and critical thinking skills. On the other hand, we can enumerate some concerns about these tools, like the possibility that AI-generated content has errors and inaccuracies or ethical and legal considerations.

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