tekom is Europe’s largest professional association for technical communication with organizations in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania and Turkey. Founded in November 2013 in Germany, this association focuses on the expansion of technical communication, the technical writers certification and the “development of technical guidelines and standards that help to use products more safely and more effectively.”


  • organizes conferences such as: tekom Europe Roadshow, tcworld, tcworld India, tcworld China
  • publishes magazines such as: technische kommunikation, tcworld magazine
  • provides online international training and certification with their program TCTrainNet

A growing community

tekom is a growing community with certified members worldwide. It connects active professionals in technical communication. You can easily become a member and benefit of their membership advantages.

tekom France

Established in 2012, its main goal is to bring together professionals of the technical communication field and other areas in France. tekom France promotes networking, further education and training for its members. They also organize events, and conferences focused on topics of current interest in technical communication and related fields.

Several universities in France such as the University of the Strasbourg offer Technical Communication programs at license and masters levels. One of the programs offered by the University of Strasbourg is the new Masters in Technical Communication and Localization (TCLoc). Students enrolled in the TCLoc masters also receive the tekom certification for technical communicators.

tcworld conference 2016

The 2016 tcworld conference will be held from November 8 – 10 in Stuttgart, Germany. This annual conference is one of the largest international events for technical communicators. The attendees will be active members of the industrial, software, and service companies mainly from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Other European country members will also be part of the event.

This event will be a great networking opportunity for students in technical communications and related fields, which will allow them to make a first contact with their future profession. Companies that provide software and services related to technical communications also participate in these events as sponsors, or presenting their product and services in stands.

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