The following list of frequently asked question (FAQ) was created based on the most common queries we receive from applicants. This is a good place to find out more about the TCLoc Master’s program.

Do I need to know French to be able to pursue the TCLoc Master’s degree?

No. English is the language of instruction used for TCLoc Master’s degree. Candidates therefore need to have an advanced level of proficiency in English.

Do I have to go to Strasbourg at any point during the program?

We do not require our students to come to Strasbourg at all. We offer our students the choice to attend two non-obligatory on-campus meetings at different points in the year of four days in length.

I have a full-time job. Can I still pursue the TCLoc Master’s degree on a part-time basis?

Yes. The TCLoc Master’s degree is specially designed for professionals working in the technical communication and translation industries. Candidates should, however, set aside at least 15 hours of study time per week to keep up with the program schedule.

Can I pay my tuition fees in installments?

Yes, participants can pay their fees in five installments, the first of which is payable at the beginning of February of the relevant academic year. Please note that this payment option is only applicable for private funding. This excludes corporate funding by an employer or the company/organization a candidate is working for.

Can I obtain financial aid to pursue the TCLoc Master’s degree?

We do offer financial aid to a very limited number of students. It is also worth noting that our capacity to provide fee reductions is reduced when there are many applicants requesting financial aid.

As a student, will I be required to attend all real-time video conferences presented on the online learning platform?

No. Generally attendance to our real-time video conferences is non-obligatory. All relevant teaching material, including recordings of online seminars, are placed on the Moodle online learning platform for easy access and the convenience of our students.

Do I have to attend the TCLoc graduation ceremony in France?

No. If you cannot attend for whatever reason, we can arrange for your degree certificate to be couriered to you.



For more information on the TCLoc Master’s program, visit our Program page.