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One of the most exciting stops during our visit to Cape Town was with MPull marketing – a local business focusing on customer journey marketing. Passionate about seeing businesses grow and firm in their belief that inbound marketing is ‘jet fuel for growth’, MPull is one of the few agencies focusing on inbound and has been in business since 2013, and provides services such as developing customer personas, creating and maintaining websites, driving traffic to sites – via PPC, SEO, content creation and social media management. Their goal? Getting their clients to achieve their own goals, ‘whether it’s more people, or more revenue’.

The MPull team, 60 people strong, was busy at work when we arrived. Even so, they were kind enough to introduce us to their work, their tools and their methodology. Many thanks to our hosts, Devin Ross and Shane Punt.


So, what did we talk about?

Most of the presentation was super technical and we had a lot to learn. In this overview of the visit, we’ll focus on their ‘lessons learnt’ on the main factors that contribute keys to success. Beyond quality execution, which should be a given for any agency, the MPull team focuses on timely delivery and scalable processes that allow for customisation. They take pride in the creativity of their team, which they select carefully and train meticulously to bring them up to house standards.

Besides serving ‘regular’ (local and international) businesses, other agencies frequently entrust MPull with valuable projects. This is mainly due to their work ethic, their continuous push for self-improvement, their dedication to client service, their data-driven and time-tested approach and, last but not least, their accountability and focus on deliverables. Oh, and being strongly results-driven doesn’t hurt either!


Customer journey? Like, some sort of vacation?

One of the most important concepts that came up in our talk was Customer Journey Mapping – a visual/graphic representation of the client’s story, from the client’s perspective – be it with a service, a product, a brand – over time and across channels.


Curious about how such an agency approaches their work?

First there’s the exploratory call to clarify the project as well as the client’s expectations, requirements and challenges. The two teams get to know (and trust) each other – which is a key stepping stone in the relationship in the long term. They involve a cross-sectoral team that includes strategists, content specialists, developers, designers who will all be involved throughout the lifetime of the project. They clarify roles, ensure access to all the relevant tools, set ground rules for the collaboration and, of course, build a plan and a timeline for delivery.


Looking for a job in inbound? Or maybe you need their expertise?

MPull is always looking for talent. And new projects to take on and see to fruition. And if you’re worried that they are SO far away, don’t! They work internationally and have already made an impact for clients in 13 different countries!  


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