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University of Strasbourg

The University of Strasbourg is a public university in Strasbourg, Alsace, and the second largest university in France, with an increasing student population of over 46,000 students of which 20% are international students. It is composed of 5 faculties divided into 37 departments offering initial and further education in a wide range of academic fields, from Health Sciences to Languages, to Law and the Humanities.

The University offers a wide range of educational programs including bachelor’s and master’s degrees and doctoral studies. It is also an international player in scientific research, a field in which university alumni have received numerous prestigious awards over the years, including 3 Nobel Prizes. Its excellence has further been recognized by the IdEx government funding program.

Faculty of Languages

The Faculty of Languages at the University of Strasbourg offers diverse language programs in twenty-three languages with professional or research-oriented characteristics. These training programs are divided into 3 main fields: Languages, Culture and Civilizations; Applied Languages and Human Sciences, and Translation, Interpretation and International Relations.


The Master in Technical Communication and Localization (TCLoc) is a program offered by the Faculty of Languages at the University of Strasbourg, and a sister program to the CAWEB Master’s in Website Creation, Multimedia, and Localization.

TCLoc is a distance-learning program that combines academic instruction with professional certification. After completion of this program, graduates obtain a master’s degree from the University of Strasbourg, as well as, an International tekom Professional Level “Technical Communicator (tekom)” certificate.

TCLoc is a career-oriented master’s degree in which students learn to create and manage technical documentation and localize information products. TCLoc students also develop project management skills and learn the basics of web design and web-based technologies.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the program, graduates will have the necessary skills to:


  • Critically analyze and evaluate the context and requirements of an information product prior to its creation (including normative requirements and technical standards)
  • Write technical documentation in English
  • Understand and master complex localization processes, notably in technical documentation for IT products
  • Implement strategies for creating information products
  • Understand the principles of, and concepts behind, online documentation
  • Identify and master the different stages of information development
  • Manage technical documentation and localization projects
  • Integrate translation and localization into a project plan
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of the main tools and languages used for creating websites
  • Produce clear, effective visual communication for professional audiences
Technical Communication and Localization - Visuals

Degree and Certification

TCLoc effectively combines academic instruction and professional certification. Our graduates obtain a master’s degree from the University of Strasbourg, as well as an International tekom Professional Level “Technical Communicator (tekom)” certificate. The Master in Technical Communication and Localization (TCLoc) is ranked at Level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF=300 ECTS).

tekom Europe

tekom Europe is the Continent’s largest and most prominent professional technical communication body. Founded in Germany in 2003, it serves as a network for more than 9,200 professionals in the field of technical communication. tekom Europe’s primary mission is to promote and develop technical communication in Europe and to represent the interests of both creators and users of technical communication products.

tekom logo
It connects its members to a variety of events, publications, and training opportunities, including: 


tekom has active partnerships with several universities, including the University of Strasbourg. As a TCLoc partner, tekom provides the TCTrainNet training and certification program in Technical Communication to our students, enabling them to obtain the tekom Technical Communicator certification.

Career Opportunities

A TCLoc degree opens doors to employment opportunities in numerous expanding economic sectors including technical writing and editing, content creation and management for websites and documentation, localization engineering, and project management. TCLoc provides students with the tools necessary for entering the workforce as:

  • Technical communication and localization project managers
  • Technical writers
  • Web writers
  • Localizers
  • Localization engineers
  • Information and content managers
  • Information architects
  • Content specialists

To learn more about possible job offers in these fields, check out the following sites: Firehead.net, ISTC.org, STC job bank, techwhirl, tekom, Pôle Emploi.

Career Opportunities Visual

Our People

Program Director | Renate de la Paix

Renate de la PaixRenate de la Paix has created and directed a number of programs at the University of Strasbourg since 2002. Bridging the gap between academia and industry has long been of particular interest to her. Her programs, therefore, endeavor to stay on top of current technological and conceptual trends in relevant domains and to promptly integrate them into the curriculum. This is achieved largely thanks to the contribution of instructors that are also professional leaders in various domains and with whom Renate is in constant contact.

Renate’s own degrees in translation (French and Spanish into German) and in business management have significantly shaped her simultaneously academic and pragmatic approach to developing master’s programs that lead to both a university qualification and valuable professional experience.

Program Coordinator | Valérie Ledermann

Valérie Ledermann

As TCLoc and CAWEB education coordinator, Valérie has a very human-oriented approach to the distance learning process. As she likes to say when we ask her, one of her favorite moments of the academic year is the first face-to-face meeting with the distance learning students on the Strasbourg University campus.

She has a strong passion for Slavic culture which led her to study Russian and Serbo-Croatian before graduating in the Science of education field.

Her background as a language and education specialist makes her an essential actor for the CAWEB and TCloc master’s degrees and a real asset for students in need of information throughout the year.

Valérie is in charge of accompanying students throughout the school year and assisting the teachers in the management of their courses. She also contributes to the life of the TCLoc program by helping to welcome new students, organize the graduation ceremony and other communication events.